About the Project

International Workshop

Informal Housing and Property Rights in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Dates: 29-30 November 2018
Host Institute: ISEK-Social Anthropology, University of Zurich
Venue: ISEK-Social Anthropology, Andreasstrasse 15 (AND), 8050 Zürich
Rooms: Day 1 – AND 5.29/31 and Day 2 – AND 3.46

Workshop Program

Day 1 | Arrival of Participants

13.30: Welcome speech from the organizers and the host institution

13.45: Keynote speech Dr. Udo Grashoff (UCL SSEES): “Is Informal Housing in Eastern Europe Different?”

14.30: Q&A Session

14.45: Coffee break

15.00: Panel 1: Historical Development

Chair: Jovana Dikovic

Agnes Gagyi and Andras Vigvari: Informal housing in Hungary: history and present practices
Jakob Warnecke: “Capital of squatters”. Squatting in Potsdam in the ‘80s and ‘90s
Joseph Bristley: Uncontested occupation: appropriating abandoned property in revolutionary Mongolia

16.30: Coffee break

16.45: Panel 2: Economic Development

Chair: Eliza Isabaeva

Sasha Tsenkova: Informality, People, Places
Nikolai Karbainov: “Nakhalovki”: informal real estate market and property rights in post- Soviet Ulan Ude
Balihar Sanghera: The moral economy of informal housing in Central Asia

18.15 onwards: Apéro

Day 2 | Continuation of the Workshop

10.00: Panel 3: Squatting Practices

Chair: Udo Grashoff

Petra Matijevic: Slovenia’s garden squatting
Arnost Novak: Squatting and property rights in Prague
Grzegorz Piotrowski: Politicization of squatting and housing rights in Poland

12.00 onwards: Lunch

13.00: Panel 4: Legalization, State, Recognition

Chair: Jovana Dikovic

Mariya Petrova: Unauthorized housing construction in Soviet Samarkand
Eliza Isabaeva: Desiring the state? Squatters in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Nebi Bardhoshi: Time, law and “sphere of exchange”: on political economy of legalization of informal settlements in contemporary Albania

14.30: Coffee break

14.45: Panel 5: Perceptions

Chair: Udo Grashoff

Bermet Zhumakadyr kyzy: Myths and Realities of Bishkek’s Novostroikas
Anna Varfolomeeva: “Every house has to survive by itself”: the perceptions of housing in Kvartsitnyi settlement in the North-West of Russia
Ivan Maksimovic: Collective identifications of former informal housing residents in a social housing project in Belgrade, Serbia

16.15: Coffee break

16.30: Panel 6: Social Consequences of Informality

Chair: Eliza Isabaeva

Milos Zaric: Dynamic domains of Belgrade’s “Deponija” informal settlement: the anthropological analysis of children’s healthcare system
Justyna Koscinska: Social consequences of the reprivatization process – case of Warsaw

17.30: Coffee break

17.45: Round-table on Global Informality Project led by Prof. Dr. Alena Ledeneva (UCL)

Speakers: Udo Grashoff, Jovana Dikovic, Petra Matijevic, Eliza Isabaeva

18.30: Departure to the restaurant in the city center

19.00: Dinner

Day 3 | Wrap-Up of the Workshop by Eliza Isabaeva and Jovana Dikovic

10.00: Discussing the perspectives of the planned edited volume

12.00: Departure of the participants